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Development Committee
The purpose of the Sponsorship committee is to identify, solicit, cultivate and steward financial, in-kind and partnership resources to support the programs and operations of the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA). Members of this committee are appointed by the President of the Board and are accountable to the Board of Directors of the ASHA. This is an ad-hoc committee. Following are the primary responsibilities of the Sponsorship committee: 1. Assist in the research and identification of prospective funding sources – individuals, corporate, foundation, community partners, etc. that have similar interests and areas of focus 2. Establish a fundraising plan, goals and action plans, in concert with staff, to support the organization’s short and long-range goals and objectives 3. Ensure that the case for support is strong, current, and based on ASHA’s mission and goals; and distinguishes the organization from others in the field 4. Establish a strategic fundraising timeline and outline of assigned responsibilities for the next several years 5. Recommend fundraising goals to the Board for approval 6. Take the lead in fundraising outreach efforts 7. Recommend policy to the Board on all matters relating to the fundraising program, including: a. Donor confidentiality, gift acceptance, donor recognition, planned giving, etc. b. Provide input to the Board Nominating Committee to ensure the recruitment of Board members able and willing to secure financial and other resources for the organization 8. Identify, apply and obtain grants funding to support ASHA.
Committee Member
Committee Position
Holt, Melissa (Lisa)
Weaver, Owen
Wheeler, Rose
Bennett, Missy
Dorrestein, Christine
Glasscock-Kirkpatrick, Mary
Kamins, Diane
Meints, Katherine
Welke, Malissa
Whitworth, Tammy