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NEW Marc Of Charm Breyer Model Revealed  

We are thrilled to have a NEW American Saddlebred representative in Breyer Model Horse traditional line. 

It has been a privilege to be a part of making this monumental #SharetheSaddlebred milestone possible! 

Learn more about the Saddlebred Story behind the WGC Marc Of Charm Model! 



American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Assoc. Board of Directors

Joe O'Brien - President
Emily Lee - Vice President
Owen Weaver  - Secretary
Chris Schubert- Treasurer
Anna Marie Knipp- Registry Council Chair

Term Expires in 2022

Candida Covino Aversenti (Candi), Pennsylvania
Kristen Cater, New Hampshire
Todd Graham, West Virginia
Elisabeth Goth, Kentucky
Missy Hughes Smith, Missouri
Joe O'Brien, Kentucky
Helena Moreno, Louisiana
James L. Nichols, Louisiana
Marty Schaffel, Florida
Jenny Taylor, Ohio

Term Expires in 2023
Kristen Bagdasarian, Kentucky
Bob Brison, Missouri
Ali DeGray, Florida
Larry Hartsock, Virginia
Anna Marie Knipp, Missouri
Emily Lee, Kentucky
Joan Lurie, Kentucky
Evan Orr, North Carolina
Dr. Owen Weaver, Virginia

Term Expires in 2024

Julie Behrends-Jones, Kentucky
Jim Cherry, California
Rick Curl, Missouri
Clif Paulsen, Iowa
Chris Schubert, Tennessee
Rachel Seifert, Kentucky
Kim Skipton, Kentucky
Joan Todd, Ohio