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Cheers to the American Saddlebred

Cheers to the American Saddlebred

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ASHA Charter Clubs

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association’s worldwide network of more than 50 Charter Clubs enriches the American Saddlebred experience for members. Clubs promote American Saddlebreds at the local level and help newcomers to learn more about the breed, as well as offering many equine and social activities for their members’ education and enjoyment. Typical activities for Charter Clubs include putting on horse shows, riding in parades, participating in horse fairs, presenting annual awards, trail rides and other popular pastimes.


Important Publications

ASHBA/UPHA AOT Reference Directory

Charter Club Council

Charter Clubs by Regions

Charter Club Resources & Dates to Remember

Horse Show Manual

Brochure and Media Download 


Charter Club Renewals

Charter Club Renewal Form

Charter Club Roster Template (Excel File)

Charter Club renewals and rosters may be emailed to s.geller@asha.net or mailed to the ASHBA office.


Online Club Tutorials

Charter Club & Youth Club Online Renewal and Management Tutorial

Charter Club Benefits

  1. Charter Club members receive a discount on ASHBA annual dues.
  2. Charter Club name and contact information is published in the ASHBA Membership Directory.
  3. Charter Club delegates meet once a year during the ASHBA Annual Meeting to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on promoting the American Saddlebred horse.
  4. Charter Clubs receive free promotional materials in reasonable quantities and other resources provided by ASHBA.


Starting a Club

All it takes for this to begin to happen is for one person to say, and another to agree.

What's the next step? Talk to your Saddlebred friends … see if they're interested, and then arrange an informal meeting to discuss the possibilities. 

Now things start to follow a business-like sequence. At the first meeting, decide who is in charge, or the chairperson. Choose a secretary to take notes of the discussion and motions that are approved. If you have a question about proper conduct of meetings, consult a copy of "Sturgis Standard Code Of Parliamentary Procedure" available at most libraries and bookstores. The secretary may also act as treasurer if any funds are to be collected for initial expenses.

Select an organizational committee. It's their job to formulate the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. These will be based on the goals and objectives that the members determine through open discussion.

After Charter Clubs are established, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Charter Clubs must consist of twenty or more members whose primary interest is in promoting the American Saddlebred horse.
  2. A minimum of 25 percent of the club's membership must be current active members of ASHBA.
  3. ASHBA Charter Clubs must be incorporated under the laws of their state and maintain active status as an incorporated entity.
  4. A statement of policy for acceptance of members must be approved by ASHBA.
  5. Renewal of Club is due on June 1 of each year. To renew, a completed application form must be submitted to ASHBA, accompanied by a list of current Club members.
  6. Each club is responsible for producing a minimum of two annual events: horse show, clinic, mall promotion, horse fair, trail ride, etc.

Sue Valley and CHToo Attached from NCASHA brings Santa to their Christmas party.