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ASHA Youth Clubs

An American Saddlebred Horse Association Youth Club is the perfect place to meet other young people interested in horses, and the perfect way to become involved with American Saddlebreds. ASHA Youth Club members do not need to own a horse or even be taking riding lessons to participate. Any young person who likes horses is welcome!

In addition to a wide variety of activities and projects, both entertaining and educational, membership in an ASHA Youth Club provides the opportunity to participate in all the ASHA youth programs as well as trail rides, farm visits, clinics, horse shows and other horse-related adventures.

Each year, one special club is named ASHA Youth Club of the Year at the ASHA Annual Meeting and Youth Conference.

Information about Youth Clubs in your area, Youth Leaders’ manuals, guidelines for starting Youth Clubs, judging contests, recognized competitive events, brochures and printed educational materials are all available from ASHA. Come join the fun!

Is your club active with ASHA? Download the ASHA Youth Club Renewal Form.

Is your barn interested in starting an ASHA Youth Club? Please complete and submit the ASHA Youth Club Application Form.


Youth Club News

2018 ASHA Youth Conference Highlights:

ASHA wishes to congratulate the Legacy Equestrians Youth Club from Legacy Saddlebreds in Winston Salem, NC as Youth Club of the Year. Legacy Equestrians also received special recognition in Community Service, Fundraising and Promotions.

Check out the ASHA Youth Awards to see other Youth Club Awards.

2018 ASHA Youth Conference Photos

2018 ASHA Youth Clubs Video Presented at the ASHA Youth Conference

2018 ASHA Youth Gala Program

If your barn is interested in starting an ASHA Youth Club please contact Alexandra Harper for more information at 859-259-3880 or a.harper@asha.net.