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When motor vehicles diminished the utility of horses, man looked for another avenue to continue his relationship with the horse. The creation of structured competition started with horse shows becoming organized events, instead of casual gatherings of people with an opportunity to show off to one another. Horse shows became one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the turn of the 20th century. With their exceptional beauty and outstanding athletic abilities, American Saddlebreds dominated the saddle seat and elegant, high-action driving disciplines.

The American Saddlebred is the personification of the ultimate show horse. He carries himself with an attitude – he is alert, with his neck arched, head up and ears forward, every movement saying, "Look at me!" The ideal American Saddlebred is well-proportioned and presents a beautiful overall picture. Large, wide-set expressive eyes and gracefully shaped ears set close together are positioned on a well-shaped head. The neck is long with a fine, clean throatlatch and is arched and well-flexed at the poll. The American Saddlebred sports well-defined and prominent withers, while the shoulders are deep and sloping. Well-sprung ribs and a strong level back also characterize the breed. The legs are straight with broad flat bones, sharply defined tendons and sloping pasterns. Masculinity in stallions and femininity in mares are important qualities to be expressed. The American Saddlebred has a clean, rhythmic and fluid action, which is straight and true.

The American Saddlebred with its conformation, personality, and stamina is well suited to accomplish any task requested. Following is a look at the traditional American Saddlebred in the show ring, as well as other disciplines.

Competition Calendar, Recordings and Results

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All competitions must be recorded with the ASHA in order for exhibitors to earn qualifying for the Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show and ASHA Point Awards programs. The ASHA Competition Recording Form and Prize List must be received by the ASHA at least one month prior to your show’s dates (the earlier the better). If results are to be counted for WCHS qualifying, exceptions must be approved by WCHS management.

Owners, riders, drivers, handlers and trainers of American Saddlebred and Half American Saddlebred horses showing at USEF licensed competitions, must be an ASHA competing member. Open horse shows recorded with ASHA, must be an ASHA competing member to be eligible for ASHA Award Programs.  

For the ASHA High Point program, the horse owners and riders/drivers/handlers must be current ASHA members in good standing. If a horse has multiple owners, at least one owner must be a member.

  • ASHA HORSE SHOW APPLICATION & RECORDING FORM (This recording form includes Affiliate State Futurities classes that belong to the State Futurity Programs. These classes are part of the regular American Saddlebred competitions at both open and USEF licensed shows)

Results MUST be submitted to the ASHA within ten (10) days of the last day of the competition in order for the exhibitors to qualify for the KSF World’s Championship Horse Show.

  • SUBMITTING SHOW RESULTS: If you compete in a Saddlebred or open breed category at a horse show, please download and submit your results using our template (excel).

Competition Information & Class Specification

ASHA Youth Programs

ASHA Horse Shows Awards

ASHA AOT Award Program is to recognize the achievements of AOTs exhibiting horses registered with the American Saddlebred Registry competing in all disciplines at all levels.

ASHA High Point Award Program recognizes competition achievements by registered American Saddlebreds and Half-Saddlebreds in a wide range of categories and disciplines, at all levels, not only in the “traditional” Saddlebred show ring, but also in open breed competition (such as open English pleasure, etc.) and sport horse disciplines

ASHA National and State Pleasure Award Program

Kentucky State Fair: World's Championship Horse Show

Qualifying Requirements