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Half American Saddlebred Registry of America

The Half American Saddlebred Registry of America was founded in 1971 by Roberta Nye Busch, who perceived a need for a recording organization when owners from other breeds bred mares to her American Saddlebred stallion, Flying Eagle Peavine 32802. After 25 years at the helm of the Registry, Busch requested that the American Saddlebred Horse Association become the administrator of the program. ASHA stepped into the role on July 15, 1996.

The Registry reflects many breed crossings with American Saddlebred mares and stallions. Registered Half American Saddlebreds are found in the United States, Canada, France and Germany.

The Half American Saddlebred offers characteristics similar to his Saddlebred parent – smooth gaits, willingness to work with people, intelligence and versatility. The Half American Saddlebred can be a performance horse, trail horse, endurance horse, jumper, dressage, eventing, carriage horse or just a backyard friend.

Rules & Regulations

Awards Programs

Half-American Saddlebred Disciplines

Half-American Saddlebred Brochure

Showing an American Saddlebred or Half-American Saddlebred?

The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) offers Sport Horse High Point Awards for horses registered with the ASHBA or with the Half-American Saddlebred Registry (HASRA).

Download the brochure for more information.


Registration in the Half Saddlebred Registry requires ONE PARENT (sire or dam) be a purebred American Saddlebred duly registered with the ASHBA. A full-blooded American Saddlebred cannot be accepted for registration as a Half Saddlebred. The purebred American Saddlebred Certificate of Registration must be in complete order with ASHBA before any offspring will be considered eligible.

In addition, the following must be submitted to the Half Saddlebred Registry of America:

  • A Half Saddlebred application for registration must be completed and signed by the appropriate owner(s).
  • The recorded owner of the horse's sire must complete and sign the breeder's certificate.
  • Four color photographs (front, back, and both sides) must accompany the application.
  • The correct registration fees must be submitted with the application.
    • Registration - all ages $50
    • Registered with another breed Association $35*
    • $50 DNA testing fee (mandatory)

*If the horse to be registered is an older horse and breeding proof cannot be secured, but that horse is registered with another registry, then a copy of the papers from the other registry will serve as breeding proof.

Download the application to register your Half American Saddlebred. 

FAQ's - Registering a Half American Saddlebred

Transfer of Ownership

Transferring ownership with the Half Saddlebred Registry of America is easy to complete. On the reverse side of the Certificate of Registration, space has been allotted to record transfers of ownership. The current recorded owner must:

  1. List the name and address of the person(s) to whom they sold or gave the horse.
  2. Include the date of sale.
  3. Sign where indicated. If the horse is registered in two or more names, all owners must sign.
  4. Submit the original Certificate of Registration to The Half Saddlebred Registry of America with the appropriate fee, $25 per transfer.

The change in ownership will be recorded with The Half Saddlebred Registry of America, and a new Certificate of Registration is mailed to the new owner.

If the original Certificate of Registration has been lost, then the following must be submitted to The Half Saddlebred Registry of America:

  1. An affidavit for duplicate papers must be completed and the signature of the applicant notarized.
  2. Four current photographs of the horse (front, back, and both sides) must accompany the affidavit along with the processing fee of $25.
  3. If a sale has occurred, then a copy of a bill of sale or other documentation to prove the purchase will be necessary to complete the transfer, along with the transfer fee of $25.