The Stallion Sweeps!

The Stallion Sweeps!

15 Top Stallions! 1 Winner Per Stallion!

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Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.

American Saddlebred Sport Horse

American Saddlebred Sport Horse.

Sport Horse / Versatility Awards Programs


Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.

Born This Way!

Born this Way!

Photo by Ross Millin

Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.

5 Gaited WGC


CHThe Daily Lottery (115553G) (WGC, WCC, WC, RWCC)

Daniel Lockhart, up

Sultan's Great Day X Callaway's Lady Lottery

Owned by: Hillcroft Farm LLC

Photo by Howie Schatzberg

Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.

3 Gaited WGC


Tango's Token Kiss (124817G) (WGC, WC, RWGC)

Smith Lilly, up

Tango's Parting Kiss X CF Deny Me Not

Owned by: Grace Arnold LLC

Photo by Howie Schatzberg

Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.



Madeira's Code Red  (125501G) (WGC, WC, RWC)

James Lowry, whip

Madeira's Rubicon X Dots And Dashes

Owned by: High Spirits Farm LLC

Photo by Howie Schatzberg

Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.

The Horse America Made

The Horse America Made!

Debbie Uecker-Keogh Photo



Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area.


Formatted Stallions

(SA) Calif First Night Out
(SA) Calif First Night Out 118948
Chestnut, 2000, (SA) Enja Hell-Of-A-Nite x (SA) Majel's Autumn Love
G. P. Reyneke
(SA) Tango's Daylight
(SA) Tango's Daylight 127832
Dark Chestnut, 2007, (SA) SJ Space Sensation x (SA) Larenco The Jazz Queen
J. J. Fourie
A Rare Temper
A Rare Temper 123119
Chestnut, 2010, (SA) Dorian Wild Temper x Garland's Second Edition
Fox Grape Farms, Inc.
A Whole Different Story
A Whole Different Story 115830
Bay, 2004, Callaway's Blue Norther x That's My Story
Debbie Foley Palmer
Ah! What A Memory
Ah! What A Memory 126141
Bay, 2013, Undulata's Nutcracker x Ah! What A Night
MLS Equestrian LLC
Anacacho's Majesty
Anacacho's Majesty 120188
Chestnut, 2007, Simply Majestic x Anacacho's Desdemona
Jonelle and Paul Chovanec LLC
Arrowhead's Once In A Lifetime
Arrowhead's Once In A Lifetime 111714
Chestnut, 2001, Worthy Son x Callaway's Alice Blue Gown
Randy G. Tabor
Arrowhead's Unlike Any Other
Arrowhead's Unlike Any Other 124704
Chestnut, 2012, Wine Women And Song x Miss Moriarty
Melinda Moore
Bob Bobaloo
Bob Bobaloo 117369
Chestnut, 2005, Belle Reve's Renaissance Man x Lady Of The Realm
A. E. Nelson
Booker Noe
Booker Noe 126294
Chestnut, 2014, Undulata's Nutcracker x Evangelique
Julie Behrends-Jones
Broadway Sunfire
Broadway Sunfire 106453
Palomino, 1998, Broadway's Hot Shot x Mystic Fire R.R.
David M. Linton
Brookhill's Apollon
Brookhill's Apollon 115726
Black, 2004, Harlem Town x This Is Good
O'Brien Family Trust
Call Me Ringo
Call Me Ringo 103379
Chestnut, 1996, Sultan's Great Day x Eleanor Rigby
Belle Reve Farm
Callaway's Guy Park
Callaway's Guy Park 108009
Chestnut, 1999, Callaway's Blue Norther x Sweet Sachet
Callaway Hills Stable
Callaway's Northern Kiss
Callaway's Northern Kiss 111205
Chestnut, 2001, Callaway's Blue Norther x Callaway's Carmel Kiss
Callaway Hills Stable
Captain Nemo JJW
Captain Nemo JJW 123438
Bay, 2010, Callaway's The Gipper x Callaway's Tell It Like It Is
Callaway Hills Stable
Carl Lynn
Carl Lynn 121304
Chestnut, 2008, Undulata's Nutcracker x Carol Lynn
Mary Gaylord
Cedar View W.D. York
Cedar View W.D. York 126147
Chestnut, 2008, I'm A New Yorker x June's Surprise Party
Keith Barton
Chief's Top Commander
Chief's Top Commander 108077
Chestnut, 1999, (SA) Zovoorbij Commander In Chief x Top Billing Hvf
Ann M. Dupree
Coconut Frosting
Coconut Frosting 124622
Chestnut, 2012, Undulata's Nutcracker x Attache's Born Beautiful
Julie Behrends-Jones and Tina Ford Pembroke
Creekridge War Prize
Creekridge War Prize 125739
Bay, 2013, CF First Night Out x Lovin' Lass
Creekridge Llc
Dancing Man
Dancing Man 109341
Chestnut, 2000, Man On The Town x Sleep Tight
The Jean McLean Davis Trust
Deep Blue
Deep Blue 106450
Chestnut, 1998, Callaway's Blue Norther x Yorkshire Pudding
Fox Grape Farms, Inc.
Delirium 117705
Chestnut, 2006, My Magical Moment x Attache's American Pie
Dr. Scott Bennett
Desert's Supreme Memories
Desert's Supreme Memories 97560
Chestnut, 1992, Desert's Supreme Admiral x Desert's Precious Memories
Desert Oasis Ranch, Inc.
Designed 102451
Bay, 1995, Caramac x Sultan's Dianna
Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Werner
Diabolical 124550
Chestnut, 2011, Undulata's Nutcracker x We Love Lucy
Maple Ridge Farm
Dylann's Desert Admiral
Dylann's Desert Admiral 117392
Chestnut, 2005, Desert's Supreme Admiral x Supreme Cappio
Mr. or Mrs. J. C. Lawson
He's New In Town
He's New In Town 124761
Black, 2012, Harlem Town x Why Do I Love You
Pinekrest Farm, Inc.
Heir It Is
Heir It Is 107999
Black, 1999, Supreme Heir x Hidden Return
Marilyn Jo Cornell
HS Castle Vision
HS Castle Vision 121151
Chestnut, 2007, Castle Bravo x A Daydream Believer
Hagan Saddlebreds, Inc.
HS Daydream's Dignity
HS Daydream's Dignity 121228
Chestnut, 2007, Sir William Robert x A Daydream Believer
Hagan Saddlebreds, Inc.
I'm A Lucky Charm
I'm A Lucky Charm 110087
Chestnut, 2000, Santana's Charm x (SA) Studcor Her Royal Highness
Bridget Mills Parker
I'm First
I'm First 108950
Chestnut, 2000, CF First Night Out x That Special Face
Stonecroft Farm
Investment Piece
Investment Piece 124301
Bay, 2011, Designed x Swak
Judith F. and/or Roy C. Werner and/or Redwing Farm
Joe Fabulous
Joe Fabulous 111802
Chestnut, 2002, I'm A New Yorker x Feather Light
Spencer R. Mains
Long Legs Delaney
Long Legs Delaney 120104
Chestnut, 2007, Castle Bravo x Ridgefields' Sweet Lady
Crest Haven Farm
Marc Of Charm
Marc Of Charm 117901
Chestnut, 2006, Santana's Charm x Pretty Ribbons
Marc J. Gibson
Master Class
Master Class 103577
Chestnut, 1996, Oak Hill's Dear Sir x Reedann's Nighty Nite
Jean McLean Davis Trust
MBA's Manhattan's Shooting Star
MBA's Manhattan's Shooting Star 122923
Chestnut, 2010, I'm A New Yorker x Cary's Moonraker
Margo Baird
Mont Bleu
Mont Bleu 121212
Chestnut, 2008, Callaway's Blue Norther x My Matilda
Crabtree Farms, Inc.
Mountain Highland Society
Mountain Highland Society 116859
Chestnut, 2004, Playboy's Society x Mountain Gypsy
Elaine Lloyd
Mountainview's Heir To Fortune
Mountainview's Heir To Fortune 110645
Black, 2001, Supreme Heir x Kitchiku's Konstellation
Leatherwood Farm
My Royale Charm
My Royale Charm 119876
Bay, 2007, Santana's Charm x My Bugatti Royale
Bridgett Mills Parker
My Royale Flush
My Royale Flush 124293
Chestnut, 2011, My Royale Charm x (SA) Hi-Chaparal Tangos Lady Madona
Bridget Mills Parker
Noble Heritage Praetorian
Noble Heritage Praetorian 113030
Gray, 2002, Periaptor x Moet
Lucinda Jo Trimble Hartley
Nutcracker's Nirvana
Nutcracker's Nirvana 123211
Black, 2008, Undulata's Nutcracker x Kingwood's Harlem Harlem
Robert L. and/or Margaret E. (Peggy) King
Outshine 125726
Black, 2013, CF First Black Out x It's Time To Shine
Allan R. Caruth
Peace Love And Rock N' Roll
Peace Love And Rock N' Roll 124454
Chestnut, 2011, Wine Women And Song x Myee
Marcy Lafferty King
Peri Rich
Peri Rich 107370
Bay, 1999, Periaptor x A Rich Girl
El Milagro - Bachman Trust
Red Hawk Red Hawk
Red Hawk Red Hawk 110029
Chestnut, 2000, Periaptor x I Did, I Did
Rob and/or Jackie Tanner
Renaissance Man's Medici
Renaissance Man's Medici 121789
Chestnut, 2009, Belle Reve's Renaissance Man x Steel Available
Scott Bennett
Rose Arbor Destiny
Rose Arbor Destiny 124448
Bay, 2011, Undulata's Nutcracker x She's My Desire BH
Joellen Fisher Blount
Samur 110051
Chestnut, 1999, Roseridge Heir x Worthy Moment
Randy G. Tabor
Sedgefield's Legacy
Sedgefield's Legacy 126339
Bay, 2014, Undulata's Nutcracker x Our Charming Lady
Jack and/or Donna Finch
Simbara's Rio Bravo
Simbara's Rio Bravo 120496
Chestnut, 2008, Castle Bravo x Simbara's Special Someone
Simon and Mrs. Simon Fredricks
Sir Silver Knight
Sir Silver Knight 117595
Chestnut, 2006, Sir William Robert x R.R. Silver Lady
Dena Tanner Lopez
Sir William Robert
Sir William Robert 108359
Chestnut, 1999, Santana's Charm x Rebel Empress
C. Thomas Galbreath
Snowy Harlem
Snowy Harlem 124634
Black And White, 2007, Spotz Sensation x Snow Glorious
Beverly Frederick
Spot My Excitement
Spot My Excitement 114898
Bay And White, 2004, Chicago Park x Magic Evening
Gary Gustafson
Sunset's Flying High
Sunset's Flying High 122349
Chestnut, 2009, The King Of Highpoint x Phice Cream
John T. Jones
Tango's Parting Kiss
Tango's Parting Kiss 111171
Chestnut, 2001, (SA) Arborlane Tangos Wee Pee x One Parting Kiss
Susan M. Vestal
The Knight's Reflection
The Knight's Reflection 116062
Black, 2005, Black Knight On Broadway x Lifetime Revival
Georgia Knowlen
Thundergun 114625
Chestnut, 2004, Attache's Thunderbolt x Sweetanticipation V
Willowbank Farm
Undulata's Heir Apparent
Undulata's Heir Apparent 117719
Chestnut, 2006, Undulata's Nutcracker x An Heir About Her
Ever Glades Farm, Inc.
Undulata's Nutcracker
Undulata's Nutcracker 111612
Chestnut, 2001, Caramac x Christmas In New York ERB
Edward R. Bennett
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